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Pay with Bitcoin

Let us guide you to the new generation's electronic currency. Bitcoin .....

We assume you are already in the process of ordering with us.

  1. Start by downloading your Bitcoin wallet here. We recommend Electrum
  2. Browse now to Enter your details and purchase your Bitcoins via Swish.
    There you specify your Bitcoin address that you will find in your wallet.
  3. Important is that you choose high priority otherwise it may take several hours before you seeBbitcoinen.
  4. Now that you have your Bitcoins in your wallet, it's time to shop iPTV
  5.  Select the required subscription
  6. Go to checkout and enter your details Choose pay with Bitcoins
  7. Pick up your phone and scan the QR code as you see at the checkout.
  8. Once scanned, it may take up to 60 minutes before we accept your Bitcoins, so the order is completed.
  9. or start your wallet from your PC and copy the address and send the sum.

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